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Collingwood, Blue Mountains, Thornbury, Nottawa
We love cleaning, so you don't have to!
With today's hectic life, you are going to need some flexibility in your maid service. Unlike many companies and franchises, we will work with your schedule your way and no contracts!



We treat cleaning your home the same way we would treat cleaning our own home: with respect, care, and diligence. It is important for us to go a step further and develop a unique, professional relationship with every customer, after all we are in your home on a regular basis. Our teams are friendly and professional, and you can trust them to meet your high standards. Your satisfaction is a top priority to all of us at Maid In Collingwood.

We offer trained residential cleaning teams, flexible scheduling, and all equipment and supplies are provided at no additional cost. All staff are trained in a specially designed 6-8 week program developed by Gail Crawford, the owner of Maid In Collingwood. This ensures that you will enjoy consistent, detailed cleaning every time. In addition we recognize that with today's hectic life, you may need some flexibility in your cleaning service. Unlike many of the large franchises, we will work with your schedule your way.

Leave it in our capable hands to bring 27 years of experience along with the latest in maid services science and technologies as we take expert care of your entire home. Our cleaners use the As6 Johnny Vacuum, with a 5-stage filtration system for your carpets and area rugs and Green Sage Eco cleaning products with plant-based and renewable ingredients for all your cleaning needs. Completely safe for people, pets, and the environment. All of this is complimented by our exclusive use of micro-fiber cloths, so no waste.

Our Philosophy



Regular Weekly/Bi-weekly Cleaning

We know you have a busy schedule. We have been providing professional residential cleaning services for over 27 years and have a great track record. We supply all the necessary equipment, staff and products to ensure a top quality job. Services are customized to each individual home. Rates and times are pre-determined and clients have their own assigned team of ladies.

Occasional/Monthly Clean

Treat yourself or a friend. Occasional services are great for getting things under control, or prior to special occasions. Hourly rates apply and advance booking is required.

Spring/Fall or Anytime Deep Clean

Are there areas in your home that you never seem to get to? A deep cleaning will cover it. Customized services designed to address things that never seem to get done.

Real Estate Service

​First impressions are lasting. Hire us to do cleaning and basic staging before you engage the services of a Realtor. We will prepare your home for the initial evaluation, photography, virtual tours, open houses and showings.

Pre & Post Ski Season Clean

​You come to ski! Opening and closing your vacation home takes time. We can help. Turn on utilities, check for signs of pest infestation, adjust furnace settings, launder bedding and towels, de-web, general cleaning and airing out, change lightbulbs, clear walkways.


You’ve sold your home! Congratulations but now the work begins. Our team can help. Don’t let it be overwhelming, we have packing, decluttering and organization experience to make your move stress free. Finally, turn over a sparkling clean home to the new owners. We want to help.

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I've been retaining the services of Maid in Collingwood for more than 12 years now, and am pleased to recommend Gail and her staff, who have provided professional, reliable cleaning services with a consistent team who are always friendly and open to feedback. The team knows my home well, along with all the little details I have come to expect to be looked after on a regular bi-weekly basis. Their commitment to service and quality of work are the company's best assets along with the immediate and friendly response to comments and changes that need to be made from time to time. Gail also supports her community and not-for-profit charitable organizations organizations, without any hesitation. I have and would continue to recommend Maid in Collingwood without hesitation.


I have had a long term working relationship with Gail. She is a conscientious and reliable business woman who provides excellent services at a reasonable cost. She and her team are reliable, punctual and experienced and I would highly recommend her services.





Carpet Cleaners

Clean Smart Carpet Cleaning – 705-445-2446

Walter Vanderhof –

Window Cleaners

Clearview – 705-446-0911

Lighthouse Windows – 705-445-5656


Black & White Events – Tim Reid & Michelle Green  705-305-4445


Garden Holistics  519-599-1003

Real Estate

Gail Crawford - Sales Representative

Chestnut Park Real Estate Limited


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